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I mean find out who we ARE. Inside. Who are you?

Sometimes the only way to get fed the encouragement I need is to say out loud I'm drowning. Well, I don't have be so dramatic. But if I don't speak what's really going on, I just look good enough and nobody knows there's a problem, Houston.

So I posted on Facebook my doubts about spending most of my spare time on LION TAMER, and quickly got what I needed to keep on going - fairly solemn reminders I'll be no use to anyone if I don't, and they love my writing.

Now climbing the slick slopes of the social media learning curve is a different matter. It became fun as soon as I started laughing out loud. My website editor's cheery impromptu "help" with rosy colors was seriously thwarting my dream. I wanted a moody if not edgy site that transports the visitor to some rainy town far away in memory (Seattle). Complete with above ground phone pole. Which my brother noted looks like a cross. Oops.

He added that it's probably okay, since Chapter 1 is titled "God Died." I want to note that it's not God died in the existential sense, (that makes an appearance later), but in the five year-old take on Jesus on the Cross sense. Interesting how speaking up can help, or it can cause a problem. Chapter 1 is the perfect storm of truth, pride and fear at a dinner table in Seattle in 1955. You might enjoy reading it at my website See what you think.

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