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About Therese Marie Duncan


Therese Marie Duncan was born in Seattle the sixth of ten children. Her family moved in 1961 to California where she lives today with her husband.


At nineteen she gave up a four year University of California at Santa Barbara scholarship in favor of “real life,” and worked minimum wage and restaurant jobs until age thirty-nine, when she went to law school without a BA by passing the Baby Bar Exam. She obtained a Juris Doctor degree, passed the Bar Exam (first try), worked briefly as an attorney, then as a law librarian eight years, childcare teacher three years and addictions counselor the past thirteen years.


She has been a writer since third grade, when she penned her first literary sentence opening an essay with, “Crying was heard in the streets of Rome.”


In addition to LION TAMER Memoir Trilogy, Therese Marie Duncan has written the addiction treatment curriculum PRIZING SELF Addiction Series.


Credits for LION TAMER include: “Just Two Black Eyes,” (a chapter from volume two of LION TAMER), Ms.; “Van Gogh’s Cadillac,” (a chapter from volume two of LION TAMER), Fiction 365 (online magazine) 6/20/12; “The Rope Trick,” (short creative non-fiction) The Ojai Bubble, 10/11/10; over a dozen skits and one act plays performed in local community recovery theatre; and various live readings from LION TAMER including Ojai Wordfest, “A cold Night in July” 4/2/12, and “Baby Steps” 4/8/13 (both from volume two); and Our Ventura TV “Breaking Concrete” 1/24/17 (volume one of LION TAMER).  


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